Fashion | Céline Resort 2015

CélineResort2015_8CélineResort2015_2CélineResort2015_3CélineResort2015_4CélineResort2015_6CélineResort2015_9CélineResort2015_1 CélineResort2015_5 CélineResort2015_7 CélineResort2015_10 CélineResort2015_11Via Forums The Fashion Spot

What you are looking above are my favorite looks from the Céline Resort 2015 collection. I skipped many, because they were too colourful and a tad too crazy for my taste. I so much prefer the minimalistic side of Céline.

As you can see, culottes, oversized silhouettes, capes, long waistcoats, statement earrings(!),  and last, but not least, mules are still going strong next season, and that makes me very happy. To see the whole collection head over here.

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Outfit | Mesh Bomber + Romper + Kicks

Fashion LandscapeWearing: Céline Baby Audrey Sunglasses via SmartBuyGlasses (similar here), Topshop Playsuit c/o (buy similar here, here, here, here, and here), Milly Mesh Bomber (shop similar here, here, here, and here), Nike Roshe Run Sneakers (also here, in grey here, and similar here, hereand here), and a Proenza Schouler Bag



Just a quick post with an outfit I wore a while back. It’s way too cold now to wear anything that is not a knit and coat, and honestly, I’m not too sad about it, because there’s nothing better than cozy sweaters and layering. That is definitely my favorite thing about the colder months. Bring on winter.


Das Outfit ist, was ich vor einigen Wochen getragen habe. Jetzt ist es viel zu kalt um was anderes als einen Mantel und einen Pulli zu tragen und ehrlich gesagt bin ich deswegen überhaupt nicht traurig. Das ist genau, was ich am meisten von den kälteren Monaten liebe. Der Winter kann kommen.


Lo que véis es lo que llevaba hace algunas semanas, cuando aún no estaba tan frío como ahora. Hace tanto frío, que es imposible llevar algo que no sea un abrigo y un jersey. Sin embargo, no me veráis triste al respecto, ya que eso es precisamente lo que más me gusta de los meses más fríos. Qué venga el invierno.

Fashion LandscapeFashion Landscape Fashion Landscape

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Interior Design | Workspace Inspiration

Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion LandscapeFashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion LandscapePhoto Credit: The Design Chaser, Smitten Studio, I Spy DIY, Ferm Living, The Glitter Guide, Weekday Carnival, Emmas Designblogg, A Merry Mishap, Nordic Days, Nordic Leaves, Pinterest, and Tumblr

On Sunday, there’s nothing better than interior design inspiration and with Monday(read: work) just around the corner, I am sharing with you my favorite home office decor ideas.

I’m gonna be honest with you guys and I will confess that, while I do own a proper desk and chair, I work from my couch! That’s right, my couch is the coziest thing ever and it has an extra compartment where I can lay my legs straight while sitting and it has pillows everywhere, so it’s actually super comfty. That being said, it is not the best option for your backbone, which has made me reconsider setting up my little office space in my living room and therefore, look for inspiration on how to decorate it.

Now, let’s start with the basics:

Color. a neutral colored palette or sticking to 2-3 different colors is not only aesthetically pleasing and a rule for design, but you don’t want to have a rainbow chaos on your working space, since it will not help you feel everything is organized and it will not help you concentrate while working. Besides, white is the best color for the walls, as it provides serenity and calmness which are crucial for concentration, besides, I have the impression it works as a blank canvas for your senses.

The Table. Now, for this the sky’s the limit for your imagination and to even make a DIY, though it depends on how much space you have available. You can use an old industrial desk, a vintage wooden table, a standard IKEA desk, or  even just a board to serve you as a writing surface. For the latter, you can use literally anything for the legs such as a vintage metallic storage cabinet drawer or even no legs at all by inserting it in a built in space.

The Chair. From diamond chairs to stools, it all works as long as your back is straight and you feel comfty. T

Get Cozy. Go ahead and throw in a blanket, a furry throw or cushion to your chair for extra comfort. Add a faux fur or graphic zebra or striped carpet, or whatever makes the space cozy and inviting. Being comfty is, after all, crucial for maximum productivity.

Pinboards and Moodboards. This one is another one where you can do so many different things, like for instance, hang a tube from your ceiling and use pegs to hang to-do-lists, notes, pictures, etc. I also love the idea of a metallic grid rack and attach all sorts of notes and pictures on them. Of course, you can buy a standard pinboard, whether magnetic or the cork ones to stick pins.

Shelves and Organization. Pencil holders, card holders, boxes, desk organizers, external drawers or just anything that will help maintain your desk clutter-free is vital for concentration. There are plenty of these accessories for virtually anything out there, but you can also DIY, of course.

Shelves come in all forms and styles: floating shelves, built-in, old metallic lockers to store your books and documents, and last, but not least, ladders transformed into bookshelves.

Adding a clock to your workspace is a no-brainer, as it will help you through deadlines and to plan ahead. I particularly love old school digital alarm clocks with huge numbers, though these might take too much space. If this is your case, simply hang a standard round one on your wall.

Last, but not least, you need a paper bin and my favorite style are those metallic ones you can get at Ferm living, though you can use a basket, or even a potato sack(!) for this purpose.

Lighting. Lamps that are suitable to iluminate spaces where you are reading are important. Luckily, there are plenty of options out there that are not only functional, but they are decorative elements per se. Hanging, desktop, wall, and floor lamps are all great for this purpose. You can also hang Christmas tree lights to your pinboard or shelves for decoration.

Greenery. Like I have said a million times and will always say it: Plants make any space come to life, so stick to carefree options such as cacti, succulents, or just anything that adds green to your shelves and working area.

Decoration. Don’t just stick to-do-lists and notes to your pinboard, but stick typographic posters(you can find super cheap and amazing ones at Prints Eisenherz here), art, or moodboard collages, or just anything that will inspire you. Surround yourself with inspiration.

Place empty wine or wooden bottles, quirky pencil holders, or simply any object that will add a playful and personal touch to your working space.

 P.S. For more inspiration you can follow me on Pinterest here.

Fashion LandscapeFashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape  Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape

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Outfit | Suguru

Fashion LandscapeFashion Landscape Fashion LandscapeFashion LandscapeWearing: Suguru ‘Hari’ Japanese Silk Twill Scarf c/o Suguru, Elizabeth and James Ring via Edited,  Cos Wide Legged Trousers (shop similar here, here, here, herehere, here, and here), Zara Pinstripe Waistcoat (find similar herehere, herehere, herehere, and here), Zara Sandals(buy similar here, here, here, and here), & Other Stories Sunglasses(similar here and here), and a Proenza Schouler Bag


I had been looking like a madwoman for the perfect oversized silk scarf with a playful monochrome graphic print to spice up my outfits, but I never found it, until I was contacted by Suguru, a Japanese designer who dedicates himself to the art of Japanese silk printing (known as ‘Nassen’),  and I had the chance to pick one of his amazingly beautiful scarves.

These look in person exactly how they look in the pictures. The material is as soft, silky, and of supreme quality as it seems and the prints are really the prettiest-without-being-kitsch ones I’ve ever seen in a scarf.

And it’s no wonder it is Japanese, as Japanese arts and architecture are practically the parents of Western modern art and design. They are the masters of minimalism and this scarf is a showcase of that master craftsmanship. I promise you, you will not find a scarf this beautiful and of such lovely prints and materials anywhere, so needless to say I’m more than happy with it.

Regarding the outfit: It’s all about the wide silhouette and  balancing it by wearing heels. This season’s star is grey, so this is a color I will wear to the point of saturation this season. Wishing you all a lovely weekend. x


Ich habe ohne Erfolg nach dem perfekten Seiden-Schal mit graphischen Prints gesucht, bis Suguru, ein Japanischer Designer, der sich auf die Kunst von japanischem Seiden-Printing spezialisiert,  mich kontaktiert hat und mir einen Schal ihres Sortiments angeboten hat.

Der Schal ist genauso schön, wie er auf den Bildern aussieht. Das Seiden-Material ist weich und aus unglaublich guter Qualität. Die Prints sind fein verarbeitet und einzigartig und sie sind auch die besten, die ich auf einem Schal gesehen habe.

Kein Wunder, dass diese wunderschönen Schals aus Japan sind, da japanische Architektur und Kunst die Eltern der westlichen Kunst und Designs sind. Bewegungen wie Minimalismus, Funktionalismus, und sogar Jugendstil wurden von japanischer Architektur und Kunst inspiriert. Der Schal ist ein Beweis und Beispiel von Japans feiner Handwerkskunst. Man kann einfach keine besseren Schals wie diesen finden, glaubt mir, deswegen bin ich vollkommen zufrieden und kann ihn nur weiterempfehlen.

Übers Outfit: Diese Saison gehts weiter mit der Oversized-Silhouette und ich trage zu meinen Hosen mit unglaublich weitem Bein von Cos Heels um die Proportionen auszugleichen. Grau ist die Star-Farbe des Herbsts und deswegen werde ich sie ohne Ende tragen. Ich hoffe, ihr habt ein tolles Wochenende.


Había estado buscando por meses el foulard perfecto en blanco y negro con estampados gráficos sin éxito alguno, hasta que Suguru, una disenador japonés que se dedica al arte del estampado japonés en seda  me contactó y me ofreció uno de su increíblemente hermoso surtido.

El foulard se ve en persona exactamente como lo véis en las fotos. El material es suave, sedoso, y de una calidad insuperable. Los estampados son finamente elaborados y son los más bonitos que he visto alguna vez en un foulard.

No es raro que estas bellezas provengan de Japón, ya que el arte y arquitectura japonesa son los padres del arte y diseño Occidental, habiendo influído movimientos del arte modernista como lo son el minimalismo, el funcionalismo y hasta el Art Nouveau. Los japoneses son expertos en el arte del minimalismo y este foulard es sólo una pequeña muestra de sus finas elaboraciones. Os prometo que no encontraráis foulards así de bonitos, con tan hermosos estampados y de la más fina seda. Es obvio que estoy más que feliz con mi nueva adquisición y sólo me queda recomendaroslo.

Respecto al outfit de hoy: Esta temporada continúan las siluetas sobredimensionadas y he combinado estos pantalones súper anchos de Cos con tacones, ya que los últimos refinan y agregan balance al conjunto. El gris es el color estrella del otoño y lo veráis mucho por aquí. Os deseo un feliz fin de semana.

Fashion LandscapeFashion Landscape

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Outfit | Dirndlfest

Fashion LandscapeFashion LandscapeFashion LandscapeFashion LandscapeFashion LandscapeWearing: Dirndlfest ‘Edles-Landhaus’ Dirndl  in traditional look c/o Dirndlfest, Zara Ballerinas (similar here), Daniel Wellington Watch


After living for exactly 10 years in Bavaria, I finally have a Dirndl thanks to Dirndlfest, who offered me a while back one of my choice from their beautiful assortment. Dirndls are the traditional dresses worn in Bavaria, especially during traditional events and Volkfeste(beer or wine festivals), so the city’s fall festival this Sunday was the perfect opportunity to wear it.

I always wanted to have one, as I think they are the most flattering dresses that exist, because they are meant to highlight the female silhouette in a very subtle way.

The quality is really amazing considering the price (they are all in sale for 50% off right now) and the dirndl looks even expensive due to the beautiful fabrics and fine prints on them, so I really recommend them. What I like the most is that they don’t look costume-y like budget Dirndls tend to look like, which is exactly why I opted for this Dirndl in tradtional look and colour. And the fit? Don’t even get me started. I ordered it in my normal size and it fits like a glove, as if it had been tailored exactly for my body.

So if you’re around in Bavaria, buying one never hurts, as you can wear them literally for anything, plus Halloween is coming soon and dirndls make awesome ‘Bavarian maiden” disguises.


Nachdem ich knapp 10 Jahre in Bayern wohne, habe ich endlich ein Dirndl dank Dirndlfest, die mir vor kurzem eines aus ihrem tollen Sortiment angeboten haben. Das Stadt-Voksfest am Sonntag war die perfekte Gelegenheit, dieses wunderschöne traditionelle Dirndl zu tragen.

Ich wollte immer eins haben, da ich glaube, sie sind die schmeichelndsten Kleider, die überhaupt existieren, weil sie so gut die weibliche Figur betonen.

Für den Preis (jetzt kann man alle mit 50% Rabatt kaufen) ist ihre Qualität ausgezeichnet und man kann sogar sagen, dass sie  wegen ihren feinen Stoffen, Verarbeitung und Prints teuer aussehen. Ich habe deswegen dieses Dirndl im traditionellen Look bestellt. Das beste daran ist, dass ich das in meiner normalen Größe bestellt habe, und das Dirndl sieht so aus, als ob es für mich genäht wurde.

Also, wenn ihr nach Bayern kommt, schadet es keinem, ein Dirndl zu kaufen, da hier immer Veranstaltungen stattfinden, bei denen man sie tragen kann. Auch finden bald Halloween Parties statt und ein Dirndl ist nach meiner Meinung das perfekte ‘Mädel’ Kostüm.


 Después de vivir exactamente 10 años en Baviera, al fin tengo un Dirndl gracias a Dirndlfest, que me han ofrecido uno de su precioso surtido. Como muchas de vosotras sabéis, el Dirndl es el vestido tradicional que llevan las mujeres en Baviera, Austria y Suiza, en especial durante eventos tradicionales y Volksfeste (festivales de cerveza o vino), así que el festival de otoño de la ciudad que tomó lugar este domingo fue la oportunidad perfecta para pasear con él.

Siempre quise tener uno, ya que pienso que son los vestidos más favorecedores que existen, por que están hechos para especialmente acentuar la figura femenina.

La calidad es impresionante considerando el precio y justamente ahora los podéis comprar con el 50% de descuento. Me atrevo a decir que el vestido se ve caro debido a los tejidos, estampados, colores y su elaboración, así que os los recomiendo. Lo que más me gusta es que no se ven como disfraces, como acostumbran a verse los dirndls baratos y por ésta razón he optado por éste en look tradicional. Y mejor ni comienzo a hablar del corte, el cual pareciese hubiese sido tejido especialmente para mi figura.

Así que, si estáis de viaje por Baviera, investir en un Dirndl no es una mala idea, ya que siempre hay oportunidades y eventos en los que se pueden llevar. Además ya pronto se celebrarán las fiestas del día de brujas y un dirndl es el disfraz perfecto.

Fashion LandscapeFashion LandscapeFashion LandscapeFashion LandscapeFashion LandscapeFashion LandscapeFashion Landscape

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Editorial | The Foundations Of New Balenciaga

katlin-aas-by-thomas-lohr-for-pop-magazine-fall-winter-2014-1katlin-aas-by-thomas-lohr-for-pop-magazine-fall-winter-2014-4katlin-aas-by-thomas-lohr-for-pop-magazine-fall-winter-2014-3katlin-aas-by-thomas-lohr-for-pop-magazine-fall-winter-2014-2katlin-aas-by-thomas-lohr-for-pop-magazine-fall-winter-2014-5katlin-aas-by-thomas-lohr-for-pop-magazine-fall-winter-2014-7katlin-aas-by-thomas-lohr-for-pop-magazine-fall-winter-2014 katlin-aas-by-thomas-lohr-for-pop-magazine-fall-winter-2014-6 katlin-aas-by-thomas-lohr-for-pop-magazine-fall-winter-2014-8 katlin-aas-by-thomas-lohr-for-pop-magazine-fall-winter-2014-9Source: We Are So Droee

Publication: Pop Magazine Fall/Winter 2014
Model: Katlin Aas
Photographer: Thomas Lohr
Fashion Editor: Vanessa Traina
Hair: Tamara Mcnaughton
Make-up: Benjamin Puckey

I have to say it, but I confess that I am a much bigger fan of Alexander Wang’s work at Balenciaga than at his own label. The main reason for it is that he seems to invest  his whole expertise on craftsmanshift, his finest work, attention to details, and the most futuristic clear-lined designs at the fashion house, whereas he seems to put less thought and effort at his eponymous label, because –let’s face it— sweatshirts with a ‘Parental Advisory Explicit Content’ print on them are hardly ‘groundbreaking’.

The more time passes by, the more his collections grow on me and the more I conceive how amazing all his designs are. What I love the most is that, although still luxurious and very Balenciaga, his designs are still representative of his trademark style, while at the same time being fashion forward and avant-garde.

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday. x

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Outfit | Same but different

Fashion LandscapeWearing: Machine Jeans Distressed Overalls c/o (shop similar here and here), ASOS Cropped Top, Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses, Birkenstock ‘Arizona’ Sandals (also here), and a Proenza Schouler Bag



I was wearing this some days ago, while it was still warmer than now. I like to keep things relatively simple and comfortable whenever I am wearing overalls, so I just went for my usual black-and-white combo and added Birkenstock.

I have some projects coming up which I am excited to show you, but more of that soon. x


Ich trug dieses Outfit vor einigen Tagen, als es noch wärmer war. Immer, wenn ich Latzhosen trage, kombiniere ich sie relativ einfach und bequem. Deswegen trage ich heute meine übliche Schwarz-Weiß kombi und dazu Birkenstock.

In den nächsten Tagen habe ich ein Paar Projekten vor, worauf ich mich schon sehr freue. Bald werde ich sie euch zeigen.


Ésto es lo que llevaba hace algunos días, cuando aun hacía algo de calor. Me encanta mantener todo relativamente simple y cómodo cuando llevo peto, por eso he recurrido a mi fórmula infalible de blanco y negro y a eso simplemente le he agregado birkestock.

Tengo un par de proyectos en los próximos días de los cuales estoy muy emocionada. Pero os mostraré a lo que me refiero pronto.

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Interior Design | Cozy Corners

Fashion LandscapeFashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape  Fashion Landscape Fashion LandscapePhoto Sources: Stylizimo, The Design Chaser, Ferm Living, Homesick, My Scandinavian Home, Nordic Days, Tumblr, Pinterest

Today’s interior post is all about details that can make an ordinary spot in your living room a cozy corner. What makes a corner cozy? I would say:

1. Lighting. Adding different kinds of lightning such as candles, standing and wall lamps, or even vintage oil lamps.

2. Textures. Playing with different textures such as fake fur rugs, blankets, or cushions and different materials such as leather in sofas and chairs as well as wood in side tables and others.

3. Graphic Prints. Adding graphic prints does not only add a playful touch to any space, but it also makes it look more inviting and depending on how you place it, it can also create the illusion of a bigger room. They can be in cushions, blankets, rugs, framed graphic posters, or even in wallpapers.

4. Plants. Let’s face it: Greenery gives life to any room, so if you are not the kind that can take care of a plant due to lack of time or any other reason, then simply get cacti or any other plant that does not need so much care. There are plenty of options out there.

PS: If you enjoy my interior inspiration posts and want more you can follow me on Pinterest here and on Tumblr here.

Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape

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Outfit | Thigh High Side Slit

Fashion LandscapeFashion Landscape Fashion LandscapeFashion LandscapeWearing: ASOS Thigh High Slit Pencil Skirt (shop similar herehere, here, here, herehere, here, here, here, here, here, and here), Zara Draped Blouse(similar here), & Other Stories Sunglasses(similar here and here), Zara Suede Court Pumps(find similar here, herehere, here, here, here, here, and here), and a Sophie Hulme Bag (budget option here)


May I present you my  own version of the ‘Angelina leg pose’, which I was kind of forced to make in order to show this skirt’s cut, so go easy on me.

Last season’s Altuzarra show was by a far stretch one of my favorites last season and this look is obviously inspired by it. There something so sexy yet understated about side slit skirts, that I simply can’t have enough of and I have no idea why the high street has been so slow in producing similar models. I had to buy this one on Ebay, because I found no affordable options anywhere else. Anyhow, they are here to stay since they also made an appearance on multiple shows this Fashion Week. I won’t complain. x


Ich präsentiere euch meine eigene Version des “Angelinas rechtes Bein”. Ich war dazu gezwungen, diese Pose zu machen, da ich den Schnitt des Rocks zeigen muss, deswegen solltet ihr mich entschuldigen.

Altzuzarras Kollektion der letzen Saison war eine meiner Favoriten und selbstverständlich ist dieser Look davon inspiriert. Es gibt etwas sehr sexy an Röcken mit seitlichem Schlitz, wovon ich nicht genug haben kann. Ich habe keine Ahnung warum die High-Street Filialen so langsam gewesen sind, um solche Röcke herzustellen. Nirgendwo habe ich ähnliche und erschwingliche Modele gefunden und deswegen musste ich diesen Rock auf Ebay kaufen. Trotzdem werden diese Röcke nächste Saison bei uns bleiben, da sie in vielen Kollektionen während Fashion Weeks erschienen. Darüber beschwere ich mich nicht.


Os presento mi propia versión de “La Pierna Derecha de Angelina Jolie”. Tuve que posar de esta forma ya que debo mostrar el corte de la falda, así que no riáis demasiado de mí. ;)

La colección de Altuzarra la temporada pasada fue una de mis favoritas y obviamente me he inspirado en ella con este look. Hay algo tan sexy sin parecer vulgar en las faldas con apertura alta lateral de lo cual no me aburro. No tengo idea por qué tiendas como Zara y Mango se han tardado tanto en fabricar modelos parecidos. Estuve meses buscando y nunca encontré nada barato y similar, por lo cual tuve que recurrir a Ebay. De todas formas, estas faldas no irán a ninguna parte  ya que aparecieron por doquier en los shows de Fashion Week para la próxima temporada. No me quejo en lo absoluto ya que me encantan.

Fashion LandscapeFashion LandscapeFashion LandscapeFashion Landscape

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Outfit | Denim on Denim + Camel

Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape   Wearing: Céline ‘Shadow’ Sunglasses via SmartBuyGlasses, Daniel Wellington Watch, Zara Camel Trench (shop similar here, hereherehere, here, here, and here), Winston Wolfe Open Toe Booties (find similar here and here), One Teaspoon Bandit Cutoff Shorts (also here, here, here, and here), Zara Denim Shirt (buy similar here, here, here, and here)


This season it’s not only all about all shades of grey, khaki, and beige, but also about camel. While my colour palette consists mostly of black, white, and grey, I am digging camel trenchcoats, camel knits, camel skirts, just about anything and everything camel and what I love the most about it is how amazing it looks in combination with blue denim, black, and grey. I am gonna try all these combinations this season, so expect more of that soon. x


Die Trendfarben der Saison sind nicht nur Grau, Khaki, und Beige, sondern auch Camel. Und obwohl meine Farben-Palette meistens aus Schwarz, Weiß und Grau besteht, liebe ich momentan alles camelfarbige, wie z.B. Trenchcoats, Pullover, Röcke, Strickjacken, etc. Was ich am meisten an dieser Farbe liebe, ist, dass sie so unglaublich toll in Kombination mit blauem Denim, Schwarz, und Grau aussieht. Ich werde diese Saison all diese Kombinationen tragen und ich werde sie euch bald zeigen.


Los colores de la temporada son definitivamente el gris, caqui, beige y, sobre todo, el camel. Aunque mi armario consiste más que todo de blanco, negro y gris, debo confesar que me encanta el camel y todo tipo de prendas en ese color, como por ejemplo gabardinas, abrigos, jerseys, faldas, etc. Lo que más me encanta del color es que se ve increíble en combinación con tela vaquera azúl, negro y gris. Voy a probar todas estas combinaciones esta temporada así que podéis esperar más de eso pronto.

Fashion Landscape

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