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New year, new blog. As much as I appreciate and am thankful for  all my time in Blog And The City, I feel it’s time to move on and go back on my own. If you are already following me via Bloglovin’, worry not, nothing will change. If you aren’t following me yet, you can follow me here.



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Outfit | Sunday’s Relaxed Style

Fashion Landscape | RelaxedWearing: Current Elliott ‘Super Love’ Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans (shop budget options here, here, and here), Cos Coat (alternatives here, here, and here), Hope ‘Grand’ Sweater (find similar styles here and here), Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers (also here), and Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunnies

Shop the Look:



Boyfriend jeans, a huge chunky cozy knit, and sneakers are for me synonymous to Sunday, because let’s face it: who wants to wear heels and tailored trousers on the one day you could be wearing instead sweatpants and sneakers? However, I threw in my favorite menswear inspired coat to make the outfit look more put together and not so frumpy and shabby to stroll around the city. Wishing you all a lovely Friday. x


Sonntag bedeutet für mich, in Boyfriend-Jeans, einem übergroßen grob gestrickten Pullover, und Turnschuhen herumzulaufen, d.h. Komfort. Wer würde an diesem Tag Anzughose und High-Heels tragen? Ich auf jedem Fall nicht. Trotzdem hole ich zum Spaziergang meinen Lieblings-Mantel in weitem, maskulinem Schnitt heraus, damit der Look nicht so schlampig aussieht, aber immer noch lässig bleibt.


Para mí los domingos son sinónimo con llevar zapatillas deportivas, vaqueros boyfriend  y un jersey sobredimensionado de punto grueso, por que, ¿quién llevaría tacones en un día como éste? Sin embargo he optado por ponerme mi abrigo favorito en corte masculino para darle un toque más elegante al look que corre el riesgo de verse demasiado descuidado. ¡Os deseo un feliz domingo!

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Interior Design | Dining Area Inspiration

Fashion Landscape | Dining AreasFashion Landscape | Dining AreasFashion Landscape | Dining AreasFashion Landscape | Dining AreasFashion Landscape | Dining AreasFashion Landscape | Dining AreasFashion Landscape | Dining AreasFashion Landscape | Dining Areas Fashion Landscape | Dining Areas Fashion Landscape | Dining Areas Fashion Landscape | Dining Areas Fashion Landscape | Dining Areas Photo Credit:  Forever LoveHem Design, Weekday Carnival, Trendenser,, Minimum, Cocolapinedesign,  Olsson & Jensen, Heidi Lerkenfeldt, Joanna Laajisto

Ellmania,, Werana’s, Jenny Hjalmarson BoldsenByZille, Roof Karma Emma Melin, Baraga, Decor 8Desire to Inspire, Armadillo, House of Philia, and Pinterest


Today’s interior post is all about dining area inspiration and these are some of my favorites found on Pinterest. Wish I could afford to buy a bunch of Eames, Diamond, and Panton chairs, but a girl can dream. However, I did buy a very cool and cheaper  alternative (they are Panton inspired, but not really very similar) and will soon make a post showing you my dining room. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend. x


Fashion Landscape | Dining AreasFashion Landscape | Dining Areas Fashion Landscape | Dining Areas Fashion Landscape | Dining Areas Fashion Landscape | Dining Areas Fashion Landscape | Dining Areas Fashion Landscape | Dining Areas Fashion Landscape | Dining Areas Fashion Landscape | Dining Areas  Fashion Landscape | Dining Areas Fashion Landscape | Dining Areas Fashion Landscape | Dining Areas Fashion Landscape | Dining Areas

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Fashion | Top 9 LFW Fall 2015 Favorites Countdown

Just when I had lost hope and thought New York had much more to offer when browsing the collections displayed in London in the first 4 days, some of the most amazing collections popped up during the last three.

I would have included Gareth Pugh on this list if it weren’t for the fact that his work might even scare some of you, as his collections are more of  artistic/political statements rather than wearable fashion.

Usually known for his minimalistic designs and clear lined silhouettes, if J.W. Anderson let the critics get to him(I read reviews that described his previous collections as ‘unwearable’) and, therefore, decided to make something diametrically different to what he always did, then he utterly failed in this collection in my honest opinion (I will apologize in advance if you are one of the ones who like it). He is often a favorite of mine, but his work was this time beyond disappointing. He basically chose exactly all the elements that made 80’s fashion embarassing (not saying that 80’s fashion is bad in general, but he did choose the worst bits of it).  I believe every fashion era ends for a reason and it leaves us always with many empirical lessons of what to do and what not to do, or at least, how to improve it. From the vivid, yet tacky tones and materials he chose and paired together (Latex? Seriously? No matter how classy or cool you try to sell it, that is one material that will always look vulgar, or at least I have yet to witness a way in which it is aesthetically pleasing to see) to all the glam, the glitter, and the kitsch that defined that decade, it was all just a mish mash of the worst. It lacked originality and was neither a new take on 80’s fashion nor a nouvelle way to wear it, for most of the outfits are replicas of what people who lived in that decade actually wore and surely regretted afterwards (sorry again, Mom). The worst part? The boots. I feel kinda bad for the harsh critic, but I do know for a fact that he is capable of being one of the best and I still believe in his work.

Anyhow, enough with the critics and scroll down to see which made it to the top this time:

nili-lotan9. Nili Lotan. This set of looks might look at first glance overly simple, but don’t let that fool you, since the styling is brilliant and the tailoring immaculate. Minimalistic menswear inspired looks balanced out with sleek, strappy heels, all in grey, cream, black, and camel, sounds like my dream ticket to fall dressing heaven.

belstaff8. Belstaff.  If you are a tomboy at heart and seek for edgy, badass atittude, Belstaff’s new collection is where it’s at. Delicious layering was constituted mostly of biker leather jackets underneath thick, oversized coats and over turtlenecks and silk blouses, all topped with rock-n-roll footwear in the form of combat boots.

Osman7. Osman. Sleek, yet delicate, this trichromatic collection is full of contrasts, opposites,  and dualities. From feathers to quilted leather, all the details intertwine with each other naturally resulting in feminine and elegant looks.

Mary6. Mary Katrantzou. Did you know Mary studied architecture before becoming a fashion designer? And it definitely shows in her sculptural designs and signature geometric prints.

As a self-professed non-fan of prints, or at least not of the colorful and flowered variety, I have to admit Katrantzou’s prints are remarkably and visually impacting, just as the silhouettes she achieved this time around. But what is different in this occassion is that she mixed minimal design with Victorian brocade, a very unusual, yet exceptionally beautiful combination.

mulberry5. Mulberry. While a lot of people might be against the fact that artists and basically everyone involved in a creative process take inspiration from others and even steal several or even many elements, this is the way any field has ever evolved since the beginning of history. You can argue that this collection from a label mostly known for its cult-status bags and leather goods, might remind one of some elements from Chloé’s Pre-Fall collection last year, but I still find it to be exceptionally well crafted and executed in materials, shapes, and in every detail.

Perhaps Mulberry is a label for the more conservatives amongst us, but I think the clothes in this collection are a proud representation of their bags, or at least the image is faithful to the bags’ aesthetics. I wouldn’t mind all those checked garments, culottes, and boxy coats. Femine, lady-like, elegant, yet playful and refined.

whistles4. Whistles. Whistles has a special place in my heart due to their laid-back, everyday wear with a minimal approach. Relaxed silhouettes and cozy fabrics are synonymous with the label and the shoes are always on point.

Marques-Almeida3. Marques Almeida. As Burberry is for trenchcoats and Missoni for zig zag prints, as Marques Almeida is for raw, frayed denim. And no one does it like them. They make my addiction to denim grow with each of their collections.  I love the cuts in the jeans and tops in unexpected places and all those boxy shapes in combination with fitted ones, which makes it all casual and hip, also with the flats and sneakers.

Joseph 2. Joseph. The label’s latest collection can be summed up in two words: Knit heaven. And if I had to add a third and fourth one: mimicking cozy blankets, a very interesting approach to comfort during winter. While the blanket-like sweater dresses remind one of Acne Studio’s collection this season, there were plenty of other elements that made the collection its own trademark style. The usage of neutral shades is impeccable and fits so well with the whole cocoon clothing concept, yet there were pops of color that added depth and spark to the garments. However, it was not all about knits, there was also plenty of perfectly tailored wool in relaxed shapes, pieces of fur here and there, and even denim. All fabrics you want to wear during winter.

ports-19611. Ports 1961. Is this possibly the London Fashion Week  equivalent of The Row’s collection? We can at least admit that the minimal-luxe, cleaned-cut, and  oversized tailored garments and flat mules are a common denominator in both collections. However, while there was more movement in The Row, there are more layers and textures in Ports 1961. It’s also more graphic, less monumental, and there are more playful details. Either way, this collection and this label are most definitely one of my favorites during this fashion month so far.

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Outfit | The Teddy Coat

Fashion Landscape | The Teddy CoatFashion Landscape | The Teddy CoatFashion Landscape | The Teddy CoatFashion Landscape | The Teddy CoatWearing: Supertrash ‘Odyssey’ Teddy Coat (similar here, herehere, here, here, and here), Theyskens Theory Boots (similar alternatives here, herehere, herehere, and here), Zara Biker Zip Leather Pants (shop similar here), H&M Beanie (find similar here and here), Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses, and a Proenza Schouler Bag

Shop the Look:



Not into the gorilla look, but you still want to brave the cold in style? A teddy coat is the perfect piece if you are not into glam and over-the-top fur, yet you still somehow dig the look. The possibilities to style it are endless: ankle boots, over-the-knee boots, sneakers, slip ons, flats, heels, etc.

Soon you are going to experience big changes on this blog and I am very excited to show them to you, so keep an eye on this space. x


Wenn euch der Gorilla-Pelz Look nicht gefällt, aber ihr wollt mit Stil warm bleiben, dann ist ein Teddy-Mantel das perfekte Kleidungstück für euch. Ich habe diesen vor kurzem mit 50% Rabatt gekauft und ich trage ihn die ganze Zeit. Er lässt sich in unendlichen Arten kombinieren: mit Sneakers, Stiefeletten, Überknie-Stiefeln, Pumps, etc..

Zu einem anderen Thema werdet ihr in den nächsten Tagen große Änderungen in diesem Blog erfahren. Ich bin total gespannt und kann kaum darauf warten, euch alles zu zeigen.


 No te gustan los abrigos de pelo, por que te hacen parecer como un gorila? Pues entonces un abrigo teddy es la pieza perfecta para tí, si la mayoría de abrigos de pelo te parecen demasiado glamurosos y excéntricos. Éste lo he comprado con un 50% de descuento durante las rebajas y desde entonces no me lo quito. Lo mejor de él es que se puede llevar en mil formas y se puede combinar con todo tipo de zapatos: Botas, zapatillas deportivas, tacones, etc.

Hablando de otras cosas, pronto habrán cambios grandes en este blog y ya estoy ansiosa por mostraros todo, así que atentas.

Fashion Landscape | The Teddy CoatFashion Landscape | The Teddy CoatFashion Landscape | The Teddy Coat


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Fashion | Top 8 NYFW Fall 2015 Favorites Countdown

New York is  a breeding ground for the most fashion-forward and experimental design in the world and that alone makes it for me the most exciting place, both as as a city and fashion-wise.

Despite Alexander Wang’s collection this season being a major disappointment (those Frankenstein platforms? No, thanks), there were a few surprises. Scroll down to see which are my absolute favorite collections.

opening-ceremony-012-13668. Opening Ceremony. I measure the ‘goodness’ of a collection mostly based on how many looks I would absolutely wear from it and OC’s creations were all things I’d wear in a hearbeat, both separately and together.

I am not going to lie, but rather than a conservative dresser, I lean more towards the modern, the futuristic  and fashion-forward, which is why I loved this collection to bits.


Dion_Lee_Fall2015  7. Dion Lee. Better known as the ‘engineer’ of fashion, Dion Lee’s forte is constructing and deconstructing garments. However, this collection was more straightforward and less experimental than usual, which doesn’t mean it isn’t stunning, because it is.


PorscheDesign1  6. Porsche Design. This all-black-errthang collection achieved everything Alexander Wang’s goth inspired collection didn’t. A strong, confident, and  empowered woman comes to mind when you inspect the silhouettes with their cinched waists contrasting voluminous shapes. It’s also unavoidable to think the designer was inspired by the Matrix or futurism in general, especially because of the sunglasses.


sallylapointe0 5. Sally LaPointe. Already a favorite of mine since her Pre-Fall collection, LaPointe’s minimal luxe aesthetics epitomizes everything I aim for style-wise. From her monochromatic ensembles to the dynamic and moving clean lines and silhouettes combined with luxurious fabrics, everything is tastefully and elegantly put together.


Vera-Wang4. Vera Wang. It’s safe to say that black is the color of next season and Vera Wang’s collection is another example of how it’s done right. It’s funny that a designer known for bridal gowns can make such a diametrically different collection full of tomboyish vibes and cool urban attitude. Hip, slouchy, yet perfectly tailored silhouettes meet and balances out girly elements to keep the ensembles tough and edgy.


Tibi93. Tibi. Even though it’s not one of my favorite collections of the label and in my opinion, Amy Smilovic played it safe, it still has plenty of eye-candy in the making. Minimalistic garments such as culottes (yes, please! Never enough culottes) combined with soft, to-die-for knitwear are the definition of coziness, casual, and wearability in my book, yet it all manages to stay elegant.


Proenza_Schouler_Fall20152. Proenza Schouler. Since  I saw  Lazaro Hernández and Jack McCollough’s work for Proenza Schouler in the Fall Winter 2013 collection I have become an avid fan of the label. Experimental state-of the-art and innovative use of materials and textures will always be present in their collections, this one being no exception. What I love the most about them is that they never fail to deliver uniquely executed silhouttes, this time through felty textures. It was all simply hypnotic and stunning, so much, I have to see it all over again to be able to fully digest it and capture al the details.


the-row-001-13661. The Row. It won’t come off as a surprise to most of you that Mary-Kate and Ashley’s creations are an absolute favorite (isn’t it everyone’s?). Glorious, timeless, architectural, monumental, magnificent, heavenly, and colossal  are all adjectives that can describe the minimalist luxe collection, yet it is all 100% wearable. Perfectly tailored pieces in soft, luxurious fabrics, amongst them kimono jackets and wide legged trousers, define a power woman with subtly seductive elegance.


All pictures via

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Outfit | Flared Flair

Fashion Landscape | Flared JeansFashion Landscape | Flared JeansFashion Landscape | Flared JeansWearing: H&M Trend Flared Jeans (shop similar here, here, here, and here), ASOS Peacoat (similar styles here, here, and here), T By Alexander Wang Breton Top (buy similar ones hereherehere, herehere, here, here, and here), Zara Kitten Heels (alternatives here and here), Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses, and a Sophie Hulme Bag (also here)

 Shop the Look:



Not long ago I was ranting about how much I hate bell-bottoms and flared jeans and I swore I would never ever wear them again. In view I wore this style since my teens and it was all I wore up to 2009, you can imagine how fed up of them I was.

Well, it turns out you should never say ‘never’ and the main reason I’ve changed my mind about it is to see streetstyle with a refreshing new take on them. Of course, this doesn’t involve pairing them with clogs, a suede fringed coat or a peasant blouse or any reference to the original way of wearing them as the 70’s hippies did for that matter (sorry, Mom). Instead, clean-lined minimalism and Scandi-cool style is infused into the old silhouette and that, my lovely readers, makes a whole new world of difference to me. Think neo-70’s or the 70’s revisited and consider it a new interpretation of the style, instead of a revival.


Es ist nicht lange her, als ich mich noch über Schlaghosen beschwert und sie zu Tode gehasst habe, da ich sie ohne Ende trug, seitdem ich ein Teenager war. Seit 2009 habe ich sie nicht mehr getragen und deswegen könnt ihr euch vorstellen, wie satt ich sie hatte.

Aber man soll niemals ‘nie’ sagen, da ich vor kurzem meine Meinung geändert habe. Der Grund dafür ist, dass ich Streetstyle gesehen habe, wo  sie in einer neuen Art kombiniert wurden. Natürlich hat diese Art überhaupt nichts mit dem ursprünglichen Stil der 70er zu tun, d.h. mit Tunika-Blusen oder mit Clogs. Stattdessen trägt man Schlaghosen auf eine moderne, minimalistische Art und das macht einen riesigen Unterschied für mich. Anstatt eines Revivals der Schlaghosen, ist das eher eine neue Interpretation des Stils.


No hace mucho me quejaba con mis amigos de cuánto detestaba los pantalones acampanados y que jamás me los volvería a poner. En vista que los llevaba desde mi adolescencia y no fue hasta el 2009 que dejé de hacerlo, ya os podéis imaginar cuan harta estaba de ellos.

Pero resulta que uno nunca debe decir ‘nunca’. La razón por la cuál he cambiado de opinión es el hecho de haber visto nuevas formas de llevar esta tendencia. Por supuesto que es algo  que no tiene nada que ver con llevar este estilo de pantalón con zuecos de madera, blusas campesinas o ninguna de las formas en  las que se llevaban durante la década de los 70. En vez de ello, pensad minimalismo, lineas claras, y limpias y estilo escandinavo. No es un resurgimiento de la tendencia, es más bien una reinterpretación de la silueta.

 Fashion Landscape | Flared JeansFashion Landscape | Flared Jeans

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Editorial | Two Chances Into The Void

644313 5334 83

Source: Sicky Magazine, October 2014

Photography: Prometheus Semblant
Styling: Klar
Model: Margarita at One Management + Sigrid at We Are Models
Hair & Make Up: Marlene Vinha
Design: Carolina Pinho

Nothing better than a Bauhaus inspired editorial to refresh your mind this weekend. Wishing you all an awesome Saturday. x
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Shopping | Getting Ready for Spring


1. Blk Dnm Suede Trenchcoat

2. Topshop Trenchcoat

3. Mango Longline Waistcoat

4. Acne Studios ‘North’ Raw Denim Jacket

5. Rag & Bone Mid-rise Flared Jeans (similar herehere, here, and here)

6. No. 21 Culottes (awesome budget options here, here, here, and here)

7. Jil Sander Cropped Trousers

8. H&M Wide Legged Jeans (find similar here)

9. Maison Martin Margiela Sandals

10. Isabel Marant ‘Leo’ Lace-Up Ballerinas

11. Isabel Marant ‘Amy’ Gladiator Sandals

12. Isabel Marant ‘Boop’ Slides

13. Saint Laurent ‘Lulu’ Crossover Bag

14. Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag 

15. Givenchy Antigona Bag

16. Mansur Gavriel Backpack

This season’s main and most wearable trends in a nutshell are listed above: Suede, flared jeans and anything reminiscent of the 70’s, denim everything, culottes, cropped trousers, all sorts of waistcoats, duster coats and trenchcoats, lace-up shoes, gladiators, and slides are still going strong. And of course I just had to list my favorite everyday bags for any season in different sizes, shapes, and for different purposes.

So as you can notice, I skipped some trends like fringe or florals, because they are not my cup o’ tea. However, which are your favorite trends and what are you planning to buy this season? Do tell.

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Outfit | This is Normcore

Fashion Landscape | NormcoreFashion Landscape | NormcoreFashion Landscape | NormcoreWearing: Céline ‘Retro’ Sunglasses via SmartBuyGlasses, Zara Coat (shop similar here, here, here, here, here, and here), Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers (also here), Zara Sweater (find alternatives here, here, and here), Zara Trousers (buy similar herehere, and  here), and a Proenza Schouler Bag

Shop the Look:



Anti-fashion, anti-conventional, anti-everything are some of the adjectives I’ve read  describing the ‘normcore’ phenomena. In reality, normcore is ultimate ‘anti-trend’ trend, something equivalent to the Dadaism of fashion, for there are no rules and even breaking them is endorsed.

Undone, carefree, careless, comfortable, and sometimes even frumpy and sloppy, there’s no denying that normcore, aka the ‘ugly shoe’  endorsing trend, might be the style of the contemporary feminist, or at least that is what it means to some. Why? Because the ‘normcore’ girl refuses to follow standards, social norms,  and conventionalities established by society and wants to redefine the traditional concept of femininity by androginy and borrowing from the boys’. It’s a liberating medium of self-expression.


Anti-Mode, anti-konventionell, anti-alles sind einige der Adjektive, die das Mode-Phänomen ‘Normcore’ beschreiben. In Wirklichkeit ist ‘Normcore’ ein ‘anti-Trend’ Trend, der das Äquivalent des Dadaismus in der Mode ist. Es gibt keine Regel und sie zu brechen ist sogar gewollt.

Nachlässig, sorglos, lässig, bequem und oft sogar schäbig und schlampig, Normcore kann als der Stil der zeitgenössischen Feministin betrachtet werden, oder zumindest  für einige. Warum? Weil Normcore die sozialen Normen ablehnt und versucht das traditionelle Konzept von Weiblichkeit neu festzustellen, indem Frauen sich androgen bekleiden und von den Jungs Klamotten aussleihen. Normcore ist deshalb eine befreiende Art, sich heutzutage auszudrücken.


 Anti moda, anti convencional, anti todo son algunos de los adjetivos que he leído describen al fenómeno ‘Normcore. En realidad, el normcore es la tendencia anti tendencia, algo equivalente al Dadaismo en el mundo de la moda, ya que no hay reglas y quebrarlas es lo deseado.

Cómoda, casual, despreocupada y a veces hasta descuidada es la apariencia de la chica normcore. No podemos negar que la tendencia que celebra ‘el zapato feo’ puede significar el estilo de la feminista contemporánea para algunos. Por qué? Por que el normcore se niega a seguir las normas preestablecidas por la sociedad y busca redefinir el concepto tradicional de la feminidad por medio de la androginia y del tomar prestado prendas de los chicos. Es una forma de expresión muy liberadora.

Fashion Landscape | NormcoreFashion Landscape | Normcore

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