Interior Design | How to Make your Bedroom Cozier

Fashion LandscapeFashion LandscapeFashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape cozybedroom1 cozybedroom2 cozybedroom3Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion Landscape Fashion LandscapeSources: Objects and Use, Monday to Sunday Home, Design Sponge, Tine K Home, KK Living,  By Pia’s Design, The Hunt, Hviit, Cleo Scheulderman,, Pinterest, and Tumblr

 Ever wondered how to achieve one of the cozy bedrooms which you find yourself pinning over and over again on Pinterest? I’ve tried to figure the factors that make a cozy bedroom inviting and a place to relax and stop thinking about stressful everyday life:

1. Blankets, throws, quilts, pillows, and cushions. The basic accessories can add an extra dose of snugness to your bed if you think about them coming in different graphic prints and textures to create layering and contrast to the space. Thick quilts and knitted throws will boost up the comfiness besides looking very inviting.

2. Night Table. A night table doesn’t have to be a table. It can be a stool, a bench, a vintage leather suitcase, a trunk,  a coffee table, and even a brick!

3. Use your vertical space. The placement of shelves on the wall behind your bed is a great way to expand your storage options. You can use it as an alternative to night tables as well and take advantage of it to place decorative elements such as posters, photos, plants, alarm clocks, and anything you need/can think of.

4. Posters and prints. Hanging graphic prints and photography posters behind your bed will liven it up  and make it even more inviting. If they match the colors and prints of your cushions and throws, it’s even better, so that you keep one whole motive behind the decoration.

5. Add Lights. From standing and ceiling lamps to decorative strings of lights, there’s a great variety of options to illuminate your sleeping space and add a touch of originality.

6.  Other Decor. Adding decorative elements to your wall, such as washi paper motives, moons, stars, and other stickers is a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere to your bedroom.

Vintage wooden ladders do not only look great, but they also provide an extra way to store shoes or hang towels. Same goes for baskets and other wooden elements which will add a touch of natural textures and color especially to a minimalistic room.

7. Seating or Storage Benches or Chests instead of Footboards. If your bed doesn’t have a footboard, you can always place a vintage bench, table, or chest at the end of your bed, which will not only look amazing, but will give you extra room for storage.

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Editorial | The Nature of Knits

The-Nature-of-Knits-9The-Nature-of-Knits-1 The-Nature-of-Knits-2 The-Nature-of-Knits-3 The-Nature-of-Knits-4 The-Nature-of-Knits-5 The-Nature-of-Knits-6 The-Nature-of-Knits-7 The-Nature-of-Knits-8 The-Nature-of-Knits-10 The-Nature-of-Knits-11

Source: Visual Optimism

Publication: Vogue Japan January 2015

Model: Aymeline Aalade (dna)
Photographer: Boo George (streeters)
Stylist: Havana Laffitte (brydgesmackinney)
Hair: Samantha Hillerby (streeters)
Make-up: Hiromi Ueda (julianwatson)
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Outfit | The Cape Poncho

Fashion LandscapeFashion LandscapeFashion LandscapeFashion LandscapeFashion LandscapeWearing: Zara Cape Poncho (shop similar here, here, here, and here), H&M Paris Collection Over The Knee Boots (find alternatives here, herehere and here), H&M Rollneck Sweater (buy similar here, here, here, here, and here), Céline ‘Baby Audrey’ Sunglasses, and a Sophie Hulme Bag



Trends, me? Not so much, but you have to admit the cape poncho is one hard to resist, so as soon as I spotted this Burberry inspired one, I knew exactly how I wanted to style it, namely with these OTK boots I bought last year.

The reason why I refuse to give in to trends (unless I love it too much and suits me) is mainly because I want to avoid buying stuff that I will only wear one or two seasons. Therefore, sometimes I wonder and question what we all call ‘timeless’ clothing and basics, and I ask myself whether or not people thought mom jeans were atemporal during the 90’s, since I remember clearly that if anyone dared to wear them last decade, everyone would have watched you as if you were an alien.

Ponchos and capes, however, will always come and go, and I think I will wear this printed number even if it’s ‘out’. In fact, I have decided that I will wear what I want and what looks good on me regardless of it being ‘in’ or not. How about you? What do you think about ponchos and how do you feel about trends or being into trendy fashion? Would you wear something that is out of style or even obsolete in the fashion world  if you love it?


Trends? Ich? Nicht so gerne, aber man muss zugeben, dass Ponchos unwiderstehlich sind. Deshalb musste ich diesen von Burberry inspirierten Poncho von Zara kaufen, sobald ich ihn sah und ich wusste ganz genau wie ich ihn kombinieren wollte, nämlich mit diesen Überknie-Stiefeln, die ich letztes Jahr bei H&M ergattert habe.

Der Grund dafür, warum ich Trends nicht so gerne folge (außer wenn sie zu mir und meinem Stil passen), ist, dass ich es vermeide, Sachen zu kaufen, die ich nur für eine oder zwei Saisons tragen werde. Deswegen frage ich mich ab und zu, was wir genau ‘zeitlos’ nennen. Während der neunziger dachte jeder, dass Mom-Jeans zeitlos waren, aber wenn man sie letzes Jahrzehnt getragen hätte, hätte einen jeder komisch angesehen.

Im Gegensatz dazu werden Capes und Ponchos immer wieder im Trend sein. Auch wenn ich falsch läge und sie nie wieder trendig wären, würde ich sie trotzdem tragen. Ja, ich liebe sie einfach. Und ihr? Was haltet ihr von Ponchos und würdet ihr etwas tragen, das nicht gerade Trend ist?


Tendencias, yo? No tanto, pero debéis admitir que los ponchos son difíciles de resistir, así que cuando ví éste inspirado en los de Burberry en Zara supe exactamente cómo lo quería combinar, es decir, con estas botas que compré el ano pasado en H&M.

La razón por la cual no me gusta mucho seguir tendencias (a menos que me favorezcan) es más que todo por que quiero evitar comprar ropa o zapatos que sólo voy a usar por una o dos temporadas. Por ello, me pregunto a menudo qué es lo que exactamente llamamos ‘atemporal. Por ejemplo, durante la década de los 90, todos pensaban que los mom jeans eran atemporales, pero si uno hubiese llevado esos jeans durante la década pasada, todos nos hubiesen visto como si fueramos extraterrestres.

Por otra parte, los ponchos y las capas siempre van y vienen, o al menos eso he observado. Sea como sea y si me equivoco y jamás volviesen a estar de moda, pues no me importaría y seguiría llevándolos como ahora. Sí, me encantan! Qué hay de vosotras? Os gustan las capas? Llevaríais algo que está obsoleto en el mundo de la moda?

Fashion LandscapeFashion LandscapeFashion LandscapeFashion LandscapeFashion Landscape

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Outfit | Camel + White

Fashion Landscape | Camel + WhiteFashion Landscape | Camel + White Fashion Landscape | Camel + WhiteFashion Landscape | Camel + WhiteWearing: Topshop Slip Ons (find similar alternatives here and here), H&M Camel Coat (buy similar here, here, here, and here), ASOS Rollneck Sweater (shop similar here, here, here, and here), Mango Skinny Jeans (similar here, here, and here), Ray-Ban Wayfarers, and a Proenza Schouler Bag




Long time no outfit, but I’m back in the game and this time stronger than ever. Shot a lot of outfits this week, so I hope you don’t mind me bombarding your feed with lots of eye candy pretty soon and there’s no flu getting on the way.

Hello, my name is Laura and I am addicted to camel. Camel and grey: check. Camel and black: check, but today’s outfit consists of yet another of the endless combinations in which you can wear a camel coat sticking to neutrals: camel and white. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! x


Es ist schon lange her, seitdem ich das letzte Mal ein Outfit gepostet habe, aber jetzt wird mich keine Grippe mehr davon abhalten, Outfits zu posten. Diese Woche haben wir (meinem Mann geht’s wieder gut) viele Outfits geshootet und deswegen könnt ihr in den nächsten Tagen einiges erwarten.

Hallo, mein Name ist Laura und ich bin süchtig nach Camel. Camel und Grau: schon getragen. Camel und Schwarz: schon probiert, aber dieses Mal zeige ich euch eine andere der unendlichen Kombinationen von Camel mit neutralen Farben: Camel und Weiß! Soweit gefällt’s mir richtig gut. Ich hoffe, ihr habt bisher ein tolles Wochenende gehabt.


 Hace vario tiempo publiqué mi último outfit, pero he vuelto y ahora con más fuerza que nunca. Esta semana hemos tomado fotos de varios outfits, así que esperad muchos posts pronto y esta vez ningún resfriado estará en el camino.

Hola, me llamo Laura y soy adicta al camel. Camel y gris: listo. Camel y negro: ya lo he llevado, pero el outfit de hoy es para mostraros otra de las infinitas combinaciones del camel con  colores neutrales: camel y blanco. Espero tengáis un lindo fin de semana.

Fashion Landscape | Camel + WhiteFashion Landscape | Camel + WhiteFashion Landscape | Camel + WhiteFashion Landscape | Camel + White

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Fashion | Top 10 Pre-Fall 2015 Favorites Countdown

 Call me crazy if you will, but I always look forward to the in-between-seasons collections and they tend to be my absolute favorites during the year, because I think designers put much more thought, creativity, and freshness into them than into the main collections. I get the impression that this is due to the fact that designers are not under so much pressure as during the main season and therefore have more freedom, hence they experiment a bit more and as a result, a lot of interesting material is produced.

Although, I am still looking forward to what Céline, Balmain and Balenciaga will come up with this season, in the meantime, scroll down to see my #1  favorite collection thus far(you will never guess!):

Antonio_Berardi_Prefall2015  10. Antonio Berardi. With lots of tailoring and movement, this collection is anything, but conventional and boring. Did I mention how much I am swooning over those booties? #shoegasm.


ChristopherKane9. Christopher Kane. This collection is all about the minimal, clear lines and clean cuts, yet there is still a slight touch of elegance mixed with playfulness in every garment, which makes it wearable and eye-catching.


JasonWu8. Jason Wu. I’ve always described Jason Wu’s designs as ‘serious fashion’. Despite the luxurious feel to this collection(like most of the label’s collections), simplicity prevails. It is one of the fashion house’s most minimalistic collections up to this day. As I am not a fan of sumptuousity, lavishness, and over-the-top luxury, I feel this is the kind of subtle glamour and elegance most women can wear to look sophisticated.


Edun7.Edun. The graphic look of the clothes and the black-and-white contrast already makes it a top collection in my book. Layering and dressing down luxurious fabrics and textures in pant and waistcoats with slides is a form of casual minimalistic glamour I just can’t have enough of.



JW_Anderson_Prefall20156. J.W. Anderson. Not one of his strongest collections, in my honest opinion. Still a very solid set of 70s inspired looks with a classic and timeless vibe to them. Personally, I prefer when he gets a little bit crazy and groundbreaking in his designs.


Acne_Studios_Prefall2015 5. Acne Studios. Acne is the epitome of wearable avant-garde fashion. Gigantic knits, sports luxe aesthetics, and roomy coats define a line that seeks for the modern as well as for comfort.


TheRowPrefall20154. The Row. The hype is real and it is well justified as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen deliver season after season what I like to call ‘the fashion of the future’. Loose silhouettes, layering and clean lines are characteristics of trademark style made for a woman who loves a mixture of luxury, effortlessness, and comfort. Similarly to Céline, wearing slides with long, light, slick coats is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is for a woman who is empowered and does not need to show off skin to feel and look sexy.



TibiPrefall20153. Tibi. This might be one of my favorite Tibi collections ever. There is always something so sublime and subtly elegant and sexy about Amy Smilovic’s designs that I feel personally related to style-wise. This collection is the perfect balance between minimalism, effortlessness,  and casual elegance. Also, how awesome is it that blanket coats will go on accompanying us next fall?


StellaMcCartneyPrefall20152. Stella McCartney. Grey and camel, black-and-white, repeat. Need I say more? Stella McCartney does not only know how to play with a neutral palette, but also  with proportions and silhouettes in a humorous and playful way.


Sally_LaPointe_PreFall2015 1. Sally LaPointe. There are very few collections, where I can honestly say I could wear every single look and garment on them. Sally LaPointe’s Pre-Fall 2015 minimalistic and sophisticated collection is definitely one of them and I would go as far as to say that if I could replace my wardrobe with all the looks from this collection, I totally would. Despite being in a neutral trichromatic palette in its entirety, it is mostly the combination of different textures, silhouettes, and contrasts what makes it so charming and versatile. The best thing about it? I think every single piece can be mixed and matched, dressed up and dressed down. It simply cannot get better than this.

Spotted trends: Waist belts, fitted long coats, culottes, waistcoats, slides, dresses or skirts over pants.

All pictures via

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Interior Design | Cozy, Wintery Living Rooms

living_rooms_1.1 living_rooms_1.2 living_rooms_1.3 living_rooms_1.5 living_rooms_1.4 living_rooms_4 living_rooms_13 living_rooms_20 living_rooms_21 living_rooms_23living_rooms_1.6 living_rooms_1.7 living_rooms_1.8 living_rooms_2 living_rooms_3.1 living_rooms_3.2 living_rooms_3.3 living_rooms_3.4 living_rooms_3.5 living_rooms_3 living_rooms_6 living_rooms_8Image Sources: Inspired by Love, Coco Lapine, Norske Interior, Bengt Garden, Diana Ousdal,, Trendenser, Heltenkelt, The Design Chaser, Tumblr, and Pinterest

Sorry for the silence and lack of posts during the last week. It has been quite hectic around here with a lot of things going on, but the main problem is posting outfits at the moment, since my husband, who happens to be my photographer, is sick (actually it was me the one who infected him with the flu).

Some Monday interior inspiration never hurts, though and this time it’s all about creating a warm  and cozy atmosphere and refuge from the coldest winter days in your own living room.  Simply add a pop of warm color, a touch of wood, fur accessories, knit throws, and some candles to transform your space into your own warm little niche. x

PS: You can find more interior  inspiration on my Pinterest account here.

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Blogging Tipps | Celebrating Hitting 70K on Instagram: How to Gain a Huge Instagram Following and Rule at It

Fashion Landscape Wannawear | How To Earn Followers on Social Media

Allow me to introduce you to a new blog section, “Blogging Tipps“, which consists in sharing with you my experience regarding successful blogging, how tos, dos and don’ts, and tricks and tips on how to expose your blog to a bigger audience and earn a bigger readership and following on social media.

This is not my first time giving advice to people. I started back at the beginning of 2013 giving tips and telling my tricks to blogger friends. One of them even suggested that I write a book and while at the time it seem ludicrious for me to do such a thing , for I didn’t have the following I do have now, I’ve decided to share a modest amount of knowledge I’ve gathered through the years through my blog.

Now, don’t we all want to put our blogs out there and grow considerably in a relatively short time? Granted, I am not the most successful blogger out there (hey, not even ‘one of the most successful bloggers’ out there) and I don’t want to sound like one of those people who don’t even have a blog, yet intend to lecture bloggers through books and sites on how to be successful at it, despite them having null empirical knowledge about the topic itself. However, I do have my fair share of knowledge in the things which I am good at and well, where I have a considerable amount of success at.

I just hit 70k on Instagram yesterday and to be honest, never, not even in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine to have such a huge following.

To celebrate this fact, I want to tell you guys about the tricks up my sleeve, things I did since the very beginning in order to help you out through your own journey. Instagram is, after all, the most important outlet to promote one’s business or blog and it is where brands and companies spot you and contact you. Also, with RewardStyle now providing a way to monetize your content on Instagram through LiketoKnow.It, there is a whole business model behind the social media platform.

1. Interaction


Probably the most important thing to do is to interact with as many people as you can throughout your day. How are people supposed to know you exist, let alone your blog, if you don’t find a way to show it to them? That’s right, you have to go for it and put your blog and Instagram account out there, not wait until luck falls upon you or heaven sends you a miracle. For this, you have to invest a lot of time, at the start probably even most of your time, but trust me, it won’t last forever and once you’ve succeeded in gathering over 5k, people will start coming by themselves to your account, so it’s totally worth it to invest work on it.

By interaction I mean :

a. Likes.

Navigate Instagram and look around in other accounts and like a couple of pictures you really like from their gallery. This is a way to call people to check out your Instagram account, and if they like it, they’ll follow. For this, I also recommend to have a striking Instagram Avatar, i.e. an amazing self-portrait or streetstyle picture of yourself, so that people will be more interested in checking you out.

Don’t be annoying. That doesn’t mean you have to spam their feed by liking every single one of their pics. A couple is more than enough to catch someone’s attention, otherwise you will simply annoy the person or eventually even lead to a blocking.

b. Comments.

Commenting on other’s people’s pictures, being them blogger pals, the most popular bloggers’, or simply their followers’. If you engage in other’s people’s work and write thoughtful comments, you will spark the interest of the people who read you and even of the one whose picture you are commenting on.

Don’t Spam: Write nice, honest, and sincere comments if you do comment on a picture. There’s nothing worse than the people who copy paste the same comment on each single picture they stumble upon. Just think about it, would you follow a person who comes and says “great shot” to a picture that is not even a shot? Or one of my favorites is ‘I like it’, sounds like a song. Not really, it sounds like you have nothing better to say, so that ain’t gonna sparke anyone’s interest in having a look at your account. Plus, Instagram doesn’t allow you to copy paste comments, it’s against its usage policies, so they will eventually delete them.

Don’t do shameless Self Promotion. That one also counts as spam. There is nothing more desperate than to encounter people who write ‘nice’ just to afterwards write an essay on why you should check out their account. They often start with ‘I am a new fashion blogger’. Do you even know how many ‘new fashion bloggers’ open a blog every single day? Not claiming to know it, but I can assure you there are over a truckload of them. The world does not need ‘new fashion bloggers’ neither is anyone interested in getting to know them. The best way to get yourself out there is to write sincere comments about the pictures you are commenting on and to post quality content that is worth checking out and which makes you unique. So instead of asking other people to check your account, work on your own content and give them a reason to want to visit you, or at least find more subtle ways to call people’s attention.

c. Creating connections and forming part of a community.

Engagement with other blogger colleagues and a community is crucial to earn prestige and popularity, or even more followers. Not only is it nice and a way to make good friends in the long run, but it also gives you the advantage of networking, getting to know people with similar interests, and a sense of belonging. Building relationships through interaction, being it through commenting, supporting colleagues, or simply through sharing other people’s pictures (giving them credit of course. Read: Always give credit. Always.) can have a positive impact on your image. You are not only giving and empowering others, but also yourself. In the long run, people will appreciate you and your work and they might even start sharing your pictures.

Don’t Follow to Unfollow: That’s simply not nice. Consider how you would feel if a big blogger came to follow you just so that you follow back and for you to find out a few days later that this same blogger unfollowed you. Nobody likes that and it’s a nasty trick to play on someone. People are not dumb and if you want to be successful you must treat them nicely and with respect, as the human beings they are. Intelligent people do not understimate the intelligence of others. Besides, if you do this, eventually, people in big numbers will notice you do this and it won’t be looking good for you. Take care of your reputation.

Don’t SfS, FfF or anything that involves ‘f’. To ask others for a Shout Out for Shout Out just screams “desperate” all over it. If you ask other people for a ‘follow for follow’, they will not follow you because they love your style, but because they know you’ll follow back, so that’s not the way to build a real and loyal follower base. If you want to create your own brand, you have to take care of your prestige and when you ask others to do any of these things, it simply makes you look bad and well, desperate. Granted, success and a huge following don’t happen from one day to the next. It can literally take years for you to see results in a huge scale and there are no shortcuts in this. The slow and tortuous way may be the longest and hardest, but it is the surest, trust me. There is no mountain patience, perseverance, and hard work cannot move, you just have to let time do its thing.

d. Be Nice.

And by ‘nice’ I mean be honestly and unconditionally nice. When you aren’t heartfeltly nice, people can sense it, trust me.


is the key to being a nice person. You don’t need any morality or ethics courses if you possess the ability to put yourself on other’s people’s shoes. And if you do, you’ll treat others as you would like to be treated, which leads me to:

Don’t Troll. People have actual feelings, so if you don’t like something, you can nicely make a suggestion or constructive criticism, but never be mean. That’s, after all, how you would like to be treated, amirite?

Being nice is very important, because it is the key to success. I confess I am a huge believer in Karma, not because of any religious or supernatural principle, but because it is logical that positive actions repercute in positive ways in your surroundings, as negative actions will have a negative impact and that’s how chaos works. So to say, you get what you give and what goes around, comes around, so if you are a nice person, it will pay off at the end, it will open doors. Remember also that it’s a small world and you never know where you might meet again a person you interacted with online.

Always give credit.

Don’t Infringe Copyright. Never claim pictures are your own, unless they are . And give due credit to whom it belongs, otherwise it looks bad. And I mean really bad. People will appreciate it and you also will. Taking credit for other people’s work is not nice.

2. Quality Content

a. Image Quality

In terms of Instagram, image is literally everything, so investing in a good camera is a must. If you use your smart phone to make your pictures, make sure to always get the most out of natural light, since the quality of your pictures basically depends on it.

b. Backdrop for Flatlays, Selfies, From Where I Stand/Sit, and the Like.

A backdrop can make or break a picture, so it is important to have a clean and  distraction/clutter free space to photograph what you want to show. Personally, I mostly opt for a white board to orderly place the stuff I want to show in flatlay form and I also prefer a white wall to show what I am wearing, since the outfit sticks out much better that way.

Don’t show what isn’t necessary. If you are making a mirror selfie, yet you have a mess in your room, avoid showing that. Take care of your image.

c. Share your Inspiration

Quality content doesn’t always mean you must share your own pictures, but you can share others’ being it from Pinterest, Tumblr, or other blogger colleagues. If it is what inspires you and if you feel related to it, show it to your followers.

3. Design Your Gallery

To design your gallery means that you make all your images be a cohesive whole or one, glued together through the selection of a single style, a format, and if you wish, even selected colors.

a. Stick to 3 – max. 4 colors.

This can often be a rule in design. I strongly recommend using mostly neutral colors or stick to a palette of similar colors. If you are a fan of vivid and strong colors, simply ignore this one. However, a clean, structured account with a harmonic use of colors will always look more attractive.

b. Stick to a style, including imagery style.

Are you a minimalist, a boho gal, or do you like colors? Whatever your personality and personal style is, show it through your images! Stick to this style and let it be a recurring theme in your gallery, so in this way people know what to expect from you. It is also visually and aesthetically pleasing to see one single concept used in an account. In my own experience, I’ve observed that a lot of people are attracted to clean accounts with a minimalistic style and restricted or selected usage of colors. I stick mostly to black, white, grey, and shades of brown/beige, so basically to neutrals.

c. Stick to a Standard Format, i.e. Image Shape and Size.

Whether it be the standard Instagram square, which you crop or a smaller square or rectangle, whichever format you choose, stick to it and use it always so that your gallery looks ordered and uniform. It gives a structure to the whole content and surely makes it look 100 times better than a chaotic gallery with different image shapes, sizes, and forms.

4. Make Habits and Routines

Make your goal of reaching a big Instagram following a habit, not a resolution. You’ve read this in some places by now, because it’s true, so make an effort every day to achieve goals, even if small ones. No matter how small the achievement, it will bring you closer to what you want.

a. Set Daily (yet realistic) Goals

If your goal is to make 50 followers a day, because it is what you notice you get by trying out your best, then so be it. If it is less, then don’t overwhelm yourself. Like said, no matter how small the achievement, it is always a step forward. Of course, always making extra efforts to get more each day, will not hurt.

b. Post 3-5 times a day. 

Perhaps this is not such a great advice if you just started your instagram account, as you can overwhelm your followers with too much content coming from you. I’d say, post 1-2 times at the beginning to avoid people from unfollowing you if you are posting way too much content for their taste. Make posting different kinds of pictures a routine every single day, just like having breakfast or taking a shower.

c. Set a daily and weekly schedule  to post your pictures.

To help you out determine the best times to post a picture throughout the day, check your stats in Iconosquare to see when they will get the most likes and comments based on what you already posted.

I highly recommend to be a morning bird and post one picture first thing in the early morning, always, every single day, including Sundays, without ever failing in doing so. The better you set your fixed daily times to post a picture and the more regular, constant,  and punctual  you are at it, the more people get used to it and know when to expect content from you. For instance, my first post every single morning is always an interior inspiration post and they are usually the posts that get the most likes throughout the day. People don’t love only fashion, but they love practical ideas they can implement at home, amongst many other topics. Expand your horizons and don’t limit yourself to one single kind of content. Inject your personality in every single post.

5. Don’t Limit Yourself, Expand your Horizons, and Inject your Personality in every single post.

a. Don’t limit your content.

You are not obliged to only post only about fashion, which is why you should share every single facet of what you love. In fact, most people are not interested in fashion, but in many other topics such as interior decoration, DIYs, food, travel, and anything you can think of.

Because I love art (painting, photography, film, literature, and music), I studied architecture,  and this has been a part of me my whole life since I was a small child, this is what I share with my followers. What is that topic that forms part of your personality and makes you be you? Share it.

b. Just be Your Own Self.

Add a good dose of your personality to your content. Are you a funny gal? Use your sense of humor in your comments. Are you a thoughtful person and philosophize about life? Share Nietzsche or Sartré quotes. You get the idea, just share a part of yourself with your followers.

6. Attitude

a. Positivity, Energy, and Passion.

Last but least, have a positive attitude and show it to your followers through your words and posts. People can sense if you feel sad or if you are not enthusiastic or passionate about what you post, so cheer up and kick some butt!

Don’t badmouth or gossip about other bloggers. Remember that what Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than of Sally.

b. Patience, Determination, and Perseverance

A lot of people tend to give up in the way. But like I mentioned before, there is no mountain patience, determination, and perseverance cannot move, so work hard and give it all some time, even if you have more downs than ups in the way, Just don’t give up.. The fruits of your work will not come out from one day to the other. Remember Nelson Mandela’s advice, ‘it only seems impossible until it’s done’ and remember that successful  people are not particularly talented, they just work harder, never give up, and have success on purpose.

c. Give your best everyday, never conform, and make every post count.

Post only the best and most inspiring pictures you can post, which basically means: Post as if there is no tomorrow and as if every single post were your last and you want to leave the best impression on your followers.  In this way, you force yourself to post the best content you have every single day and you make every single picture count. At the end, your gallery will look flawless.

d. Work hard, stay humble and keep your feet on the ground.

That’s right. Having thousands or even hundreds of thousands of followers accomplished through hard work is no excuse to get big headed Not that inspiring other people, if you love what you do is not important, but hey, it’s not exactly rocket science, is it? Never look down upon the people who follow you, because we are all human beings with flaws and it is they the ones who make your blog and work mean something after all. Always remember that and be helpful to them as much as you can, remember you have been and are a follower yourself.

Hope my advice, tricks, and tips will help at least one of you.

How about you? Do you have any tricks and tips of your own or any questions? Feel free to let me know in the comments. x

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The Best Outfits of 2014

bestof2014_1From Left to Right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

bestof2014_2From Left to Right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

bestof2014_3From Left To Right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

bestof2014_4From Left To Right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

bestof2014_5From Left To Right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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Here a recap of my best outfits during 2014, or at least some of my favorites.Do you have a favorite? If so, which one do you like the most?

I got a few style resolutions for 2015, and even though I stuck to my last year’s resolutions including buying mostly only basics and sticking less to trends, there is always room to improve. My main style resolution is to improve my  poses, since I am always nervous, uptight, and tense in front of the camera. How about you? Do you have style resolutions for 2015? What are they?

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Wannawear | I Want It All

Fashion Landscape outfitTopshop Boutique Coat

Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers

Jil Sander Rollneck Sweater

Topshop Moto Leigh Skinny Jeans

Stella McCartney Sunglasses

Bering Watch

Case Scenario Iphone 5 Case (also here)

Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag

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Outfit | Happy New Year!

Fashion Landscape | Party Outfit Ideas: The LBD Fashion Landscape | Party Outfit Ideas: The LBDWearing: Cooee Cuff, Keepsake The Label ‘Lost Control’ Dress (on sale here), and Zara Strappy Sandals (similar here and here)

Just a quick update to show you what I am wearing tonight. The LBD is the ultimative party piece, so if you wanna go safe and can’t think of anything else to wear tonight, go for it, it won’t ever fail you.

I also want to wish you all, my wonderful readers, an amazing New Year! May all the best things in life come to you in 2015 and always. Thank you all for your huge support, without you, this blog is nothing. I am infinitely thankful for you and for everything amazing that has happened to me this year, and hopefully, more will come. Let’s see what will await us all in this new year. In the meantime, bring it on! x


Fashion Landscape | Party Outfit Ideas: The LBD

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